Who We Are

What’s unique about the Walkabout process is its culmination of brand saturation. We create environments in physical, digital and mental spaces with regards to a company’s mission. We incorporate close collaboration with our multifaceted leaders – from architects and marketers to psychologists and sociologists – to fulfill an identity which converts consumers and employees into perpetual brand ambassadors. It’s so much more than creating or redesigning a brand. This is an opportunity to meld multiple disciplines for the greater efficiency and edge of a company, while staying 10 steps ahead of the game.

Companies of all shapes and sizes can partner with Walkabout and take advantage of the grand experience that its’ parent ad agency, Walker & Associates already provides. You will have access to the crème de la crème of design, marketing, media placement and digital advertising…

…and the brillance of architects, psychologists, sociologists and marketers through Walkabout’s team.

Raphael Murray
Creative/Architectural Director

Kara Webb Smith
Digital/Culture Director